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Tuesday, 11 August 2009
♥ Hi 5 Concert!!

Topic: My 2 Monstas

finally saw a Hi 5 Concert in Malaysia!! they are going to Genting Highlands!! too bad its in August. this month was really tight - 2nd hand "new" car, 2nd hand "new" aircon. (both for office use)

This is jansey at 5:11 PM JST
Saturday, 30 May 2009
♥ parent-teacher meeting

Topic: My 2 Monstas

today is the parent-teacher meeting day, taking back the boys' school work and sign their 'report' card.

overall, they behave well in school. (but behave badly at home.)

Teacher Ann is satisfied with yue heng's behavriour in class, when he need to be heard, he will raise his hands, is always gentle. i worried the most is he will fight or quarrel, but teacher say no, his character (in school) is never like that, anything he will go tell (complain :p) teachers.

for yue chen, he is still adapting to the group life, teacher Satira says he is always sitting alone when in class. but after yue heng went upstairs for classes this year, he found a new jiejie to fall back on - Jean.

he always telling me "ah din" do this for me, do that for me. i alwasy thought she is a malay girl. now finally i knew the correct word, Jean! she is 1 yr older than yue chen, so she always look after him. even during lunch, she will reserved her next seat for him.

haha, so young he has 'girlfriend' liao. ;P

This is jansey at 5:23 PM JST
Thursday, 30 April 2009
♥ Melaka Zoo trip

Topic: My 2 Monstas

today is the kindergarten's zoo trip. the boys have been waiting for this day with excitment (and countdown ceremony)

the normal procedure, reach the school, line up, some light breakfast (hotdog buns) then its up the bus everybody goes.

i had to follow chenchen as chaperon, so he sat with me. and he ask non-stop once we sat down! he was sad in the morning when he thought i did not go with him. after i assure him that i am going, he happily hop down our family car.

everything else is normal, we reach the zoo safely, all the kids follow in line (almost! kids always are kids, there are bound to have some left out, some out of the line, some wonder elsewhere.) we reach at 9am, walked for about 1hour, then went to the tram station to wait for the 10am tram.

half way the driver let us down and we take a walk through the deer cage.

when the tram ride is finish, its almost time for the animal show. so we all walk down to the stage, and have a toilet break before the show starts. i think it was rather short, compared to the show in Animal World in A'Famosa.

last is the elephant show, and 1 unfortunate accident happen when we are ready to go home! a branch drop from the tree and injuried one of the kids! he was bleeding on top of his head! the principle had to carry him, follow the zoo-keeper and rush to the hospital!!!

like what one of the teachers say, "accidents still happen no matter how careful we are!"


This is jansey at 12:01 AM JST
Updated: Tuesday, 5 May 2009 11:59 AM JST
Friday, 13 March 2009
♥ merged the boy's blogs

Topic: My 2 Monstas

i've finally merged the boys' blogs into one - http://heng-and-chen.blogspot.com

heng's server - tripod (same as mine) has memory quota, unlike blogger.

This is jansey at 1:04 AM JST
Thursday, 29 January 2009
♥ the boys can't wake up :(

Topic: My 2 Monstas

due to the 'rat-ta-too-ee' episode yesternight.. we all went to bed around 12am. and as expected, the boys cannot wake up for their school today..

so here i am, updating blog, browsing through facebook, and watchin my NANNY sitcom. by the way, i manage to get to season five!! so i have start thinking, which sitcom should i catch up next - FRIENDS or PHUA CHU KANG. Laughing

This is jansey at 9:02 AM WST
Friday, 10 October 2008
♥ go SPG w/o kids

Topic: My 2 Monstas

hub & me are going to Singapore WITHOUT the boys this time. it's because his cousin found a job in SIA, and his uncle want to visit him. so uncle ask hub if he and i could bring the family up to Singapore. it's a very short trip - Saturday morning - afternoon.

so, we'll take this chance to see if the boys can manage without their parents. and if they can sleep on their own. 2 boys to squeeze into MIL's bedroom is very crowded. so hub ask her to let the boys sleep in their own bed tonight.

hope everything goes well, especially for chenchen.

This is jansey at 4:25 PM JST
Wednesday, 3 September 2008
♥ 1st day in child care

Topic: My 2 Monstas

hengheng's work in child care.. he thinks he looks like a dog??!! yet he got a star..


chenchen's work in child care.. he got a star!


This is jansey at 12:01 AM JST
Wednesday, 20 August 2008
♥ photos in Botanic Garden

Topic: My 2 Monstas

some photos from lingtze after our visit to Botanic Garden

This is jansey at 12:01 AM JST
Updated: Friday, 29 August 2008 11:33 AM JST
Wednesday, 13 August 2008
♥ early day

Topic: My 2 Monstas
yesterday, heng didn' nap in the afternoon, because he and his dad ran errands until 3.30pm. so after his lunch, i push both boys into the bedroom, especially heng since chen had his nap from 12.30-3.30pm. (i have to push both cause gorgor will say "didi ley!!")

and it's their habit to have milk before sleep. so when they finish their milk, it's already 4.30pm. read a book and it's already 5. seeing heng has no sleep bug at all, i got him into the bathroom and bathe, make him more awake, so he can sleep earlier at night.

it works!! he went to play with his ah chek's trolley, he ask didi sit on it then he wheel him around. ah gong woke up from his nap and joined in. then, the gang got adventureous, ah gong esscort the brothers out onto the road!

so by 7pm, both of them are thirsty, dirty and hungry!! never seen didi drank so much water. wahahaha!

quickly bath didi and feed them dinner. 8.30pm, hengheng becomes less active, sit or walk around the house. (insead of running and shouting like usual) so i knew, bedtime is here!! quickly bath him again and change pajamas for both. (cause didi also naps early)

9pm, both boys on the bed, drinking their bedtime milk. heng still asking, why papa so late (haven't come back) i told him, his customer has a lot of stories to tell papa, so you sleep first.

10pm, gorgor is sleeping!!! :D but didi cannot sleep cause it's too early, he's still talking to himself and singing softly. when he's ready to sleep, he called 'mummy, mummy'. i told him, 'didi, sleep early, tomorrow can wake up early, send gorgor to school, and then we go eat mum mum!' he thinks for a while, say OK, and rolled to his side.

10.30pm, didi sleeps!!! i can watch CSI in peace. ^_^v

This is jansey at 12:01 AM JST
Wednesday, 16 July 2008
♥ hub want to grow the boys' hair

Topic: My 2 Monstas

since the boys are been shaved in the last school holiday, their faces become so naughty and cheeky looking. so hub say maybe we should grow their hair longer, shape in a different style.

and as we are paying at Carrefour Malacca, i was standing in front of Eu Yan Sang, looking at their big wall poster. then hub came up and say, don't you think the little boy looks like heng? we should grow his hair like his.

(the small boy in the coat. so sorry i cannot find a bigger picture. if you pass by 1 of their outlets, take a look to see if they have this as their wall poster.)

then hub continued, we can grow chen's hair like those South African's - stand up straight with little curls. i replied, like those Maggi Mee's curl right? he say, not so curly lah!!

*shrug! if that day we manage to style the boy's hair like said above, i am sure to take a snapshot of it!! 

This is jansey at 12:01 AM JST
Updated: Friday, 18 July 2008 12:46 PM JST

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