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Wednesday, 28 January 2009
♥ a rat in the house!!

Topic: Family

its 10.30pm+... and heng was sweaty all over from the jumping and running. (just came home after a full-month dinner) so MIL took him to the bathroom for a quick shower.

as they step inside.. there's a RRRRR---AAAAAAAAAA--TTTTTT escaping from them.

and there i was, packing the boy's bag for tommorrow's class.. and the rat came into our room!! yikes!! and i was scolded for not closing the door. it was all so fast.. and the big closet has a small opening at the bottom of it. so the rat went inside. Yell

so tonight, we all slept with an open door, hoping the rat will ran out of the room - house by itself.

This is jansey at 12:01 AM WST
Wednesday, 3 December 2008
♥ Xmas Lightings

Topic: Family

some christmas lights photographs taken after a day in KL.

This is jansey at 12:01 AM WST
Thursday, 23 October 2008
♥ bobby died

Topic: Family

the dog in hub's grandmother's house is old. and the last 2 days, he hasn't been eating. yesterday, when we are leaving after work, he was panting heavily, which is normal. but i saw his eyes wasn't normal. it looks expanded, like a dying animal.

this morning we arrived, and saw he was lying in the same spot he always does. but he wasn't breathing! hub gave him a little kick, no response. so does the maid, she gave a harder kick & push, but he didn't move!! so we knew, he passed on...

then i heard from hub, the uncle just brought bobby to a vet this morning, and he drank milk too! bobby left in peace and quiet..

RIP old mate~

This is jansey at 12:01 AM JST
Tuesday, 30 September 2008
♥ all sick

Topic: Family

sunday morning, i wasn't feeling well after waking up, chenchen vomited on his birthday, 26 sep (after we cut the cake), & the next day, 27 sep. sat night, he vomited at least 7 times, between 9pm-12am!

so quickly went to visit 24hr clinic outside our house. the doctor check his mouth, palms & feet. does HFMD vomit as well?? hopefully it's not HFMD, as he didn't come in contact with any case, nor his school has suspected cases.

anyway, feed him medicine to stop the vomit, then he slept on papa's tummy on the sofa. when he is deep asleep, papa carry him back to bedroom. but after 1/2hr, he vomited the medicine out on the bed. & thank goodness this is the last time of the night, as he sleep very well after this.

thus sunday morning, papa & me woke up in bad shape. he is already coughing for 3 weeks, as heng pass his cough to him. we decided to bring both the boys to see chinese doctor. as usual, waited for 2hours, but we went home to wait this time. hehehe, i watched CSI & CSI: NY even! but eating the pork porridge make me feel so bloated! i had a bad feeling...

finally, it was our turn to see the doctor, and he said its the same thing, both of them too heaty, aka stomach flu.

since it was already 2+pm, we quickly bath and put them to nap. but chen already napped 1hr while waiting for the docor, so making him sleep is much more difficult. but none the less, papa finally make him sleep. and i was hungry til shivering.

he suggested indian food, i had no comments, as long as it is food! but then he said, i fully feel like eating it, but there's no other cravings, so we went ahead with indian food. i took maggi goreng with teh ice.

everything was ok, i can watch tv programmes, and then put the boys to bed. i fall sleep with them too. but 2am, stomach start to complain. i went to the toilet to force myself to vomit. and it didn't stop until 3+am, when vomiting is slowing down, tummy start to work.

5am, hub took chen's salt packet and make a drink for me, it helps a little. at least i sleep quietly til 7am, i went for anothe round, then go look for BAO QI YUAN, only took 1 bottle. and went back to sleep.

althou its monday, hub decided not to let the boys go school, and so i can sleep. chen even came to wake me up at 10am, MUMMY GO KAIKAI!! looks like they are ok already.

but my tummy didn't, i had stop vomiting but diahrrea is very much worse, i cannot control my bowel system. even drinking water makes me go!

at night, hub suggested i should take 2 bottles of BAO QI YUAN, later MIL also say, eatin rice will help the loose motion to stop (she read from medical books). so both i follow. something works at least! i don't feel the urge coming anymore.

at least til 3am, i had another go, but it's not so emergency, i can control my bowel system.

this morning, i took 100PLUS. and went twice, but not severe type. only dare to eat 1/2 slice of bread, and lunch also 1 slice of bread. i feel so weak already, but it's a good way to slim down. my tummy used to be so bloated, press slightly and i will burp, now, no more! something good turns out from the bad.

This is jansey at 4:01 PM JST
Updated: Tuesday, 30 September 2008 4:38 PM JST
Tuesday, 16 September 2008
♥ power failure again

Topic: Family

i think for the past few months, there's a power failure EVERY MONTH - not failing us... it always happen in the middle of the night. then the boys will become warm cause they are wearing long sleeves pyjamas.

but yesternight, think chenchen had a "feeling", no matter what i try, he won't change his sleeveless into Mickey Mouse long sleeve. so i thought let him sleep deeper, then i change. who knows, at 1am, power was cut off. so there's no air con & no fan.

heng start to toss and grumble, so we have to remove his long sleeves and change into a sleeveless.. haha, chen was ok.

then, the wind started to blow strong, it seems like going to rain. so hub suggested bring both of them to sleep in the living room, can open the door and have natural wind.

when we carry the mattress and the boys out & settle them down. 5 minutes later, power came back..

so carry everything back into the bedroom again. but never change them back into sleeves as we always set the air con on timer. i got hungry, and we ate Maggi Curry for super later super.. @ 1.45am

BUT THEN!! who is the family that always triggle the power failure?? who uses the appliance that needs drains so much power, that it was cut off from the main supply?? this is an old neighbourhood, unless the owner has rebuild the house, all the wiring and casing are the old-fashioned type, easily triggle power failure...

This is jansey at 10:38 AM JST
Saturday, 6 September 2008
♥ Thomas Live! on stage

Topic: Family

oh yes, very nice show! but don't have heng's fave engine - JAMES. after the break, he keep asking when is JAMES comin out..

don't know why cannot put in Photobucket slide show. all the words will get 'eaten' and my post become empty. so i will put in the link insead


more photos at Our Precious: Ryan & Demi, they went to the same day as us. but bought the most expensive seats, we bought the 2nd most expensive.

This is jansey at 12:01 AM JST
Updated: Monday, 15 September 2008 1:47 PM JST
Tuesday, 2 September 2008
♥ photos from the beach trip

Topic: Family

finally downloaded the photos.. because we are going to the Thomas Tank Engine concert.. need to clear the memory stick. hehehe

This is jansey at 12:01 AM JST
Monday, 25 August 2008
♥ happy birthday..

Topic: Family

happy birthday to me!


it's a new chapter today. i started working *again*


hub finally decides to let the current admin go, he's not satisfied with her performance. so after much consideration and calculation (of her salary and our household expenses), we decided that i went back to help him. and we sent both boys to full day child care in heng's current kindergarten.


hope they can adapt well!

This is jansey at 12:01 AM JST
Thursday, 10 July 2008
♥ book tickets!!

Topic: Family
i've booked our Thomas tickets - 6 sep, 7pm.. and i just realise, it was hub's birthday! anyway, 4 of us birthdays are so near. hehehehe

This is jansey at 12:01 AM JST
Sunday, 29 June 2008
♥ bad news

Topic: Family

this morning, both boys wake up and start playing noisily. but 2 of their uncles are still sleeping. so i use hub's handphone to call back home, so they can be constrain in our bedroom chatting with wai gong, instead of running in out of the bedroom.

i had tummyache thus went into the toilet. then i heard hub chatting on the phone. i was wondering is the voice his or the neighbour.

when i came out, he call me over and told me a bad news: my dad was hospitalized!

this morning around 6am, he woke up covered in pesperiation, and he said he can't feel his pulse and his heart was pumping weak. he also has difficulty in breathing. immediately, my mom woke my brother up and rush my dad to Mt Alvernia.

the doctors did a check up and came out to tell my mom that my dad was OK, nothing is wrong; his cholestrol, blood pressure, etc. all in normal range. so my mom ask the doc, is this due to the late night soccer watching, the doc just smiled back.

so just for safety precaution, they admited my dad into ICU for observation. my mom and broth will be going back at night to see if my dad can be discharged. the doctor say he can be discharged, so hopefully nothing will pop up!

This is jansey at 3:31 PM JST
Updated: Sunday, 29 June 2008 3:37 PM JST

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